Vector-Pacific is built on the knowledge of working pilots and aviation industry professionals. It is connected to international pilots and committed to delivering the services that pilots need. Pilots play a major role in the company as owners and shareholders, and provide input to the company through (VIT) the Vector-Pacific Improvement Team . Recruited pilots have a voice in Vector-Pacific, to ensure our organization provides service excellence for new recruits and for their next contract.



Pilots are not alone in the ownership and management of Vector-Pacific. The team also includes aviation professionals such as flight attendants, airline administrators, and recruitment staff. A guiding principle at Vector-Pacific is a belief that – for pilots in the air you need feet on the ground. The company currently has recruiters in Vancouver, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Tianjin, and is building connections throughout Asia. The Vector-Pacific Service Commitment: access to service workers that speak English and quick connections to people with local knowledge.
We provide continuous support to our members during the placement process, starting with a new employer, when relocating, and while overseas.



The demand for experienced pilots in Asia is as extraordinary, as have been industry changes in North America and Europe. Boeing recently published that China alone will need 6000 new airplanes over 20 years, and China accounts for only part of the growing Asian market.

Vector-Pacific is committed to helping aviation professionals get the best contracts available, and helping pilots make the best of their assignments. As a member of Vector-Pacific, Pilots and other aviation professionals receive the benefit of expert service to develop their career. They also become part of a growing organization throughout Asia.

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Pilots can trust Vector-Pacific to provide them with North American /European style client service, while connecting them to the East.