Catherine Chen (Chen Kun 陈琨 )  –  Tianjin Based Recruiting Specialist

Catherine has a strong background working in China with foreign professionals; she has extensive experience in Marketing and Communications, Professional Relocation and in the recruitment of foreign Football / Soccer Players to play with Chinese teams.  She was educated at Tianjin University and holds a Bachelors Degree in English Translation with certificates in TEM (Test for English Majors)-Brand 8 (the highest level) as well as CATT-II (China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters).

Susie Su (Su Qian) – Nanning Based Recruiting Specialist

Susie works primarily with our Member Pilots and Customer Airlines in Southern China.  She is fluent in both Chinese and English and has gained considerable knowledge of aviation in China.  Susie holds a Master’s Degree in European Literatures from the University of Bristol and a Bachelor’s Degree from the top-tier Sun Yat-Sen University of China.  Her knowledge of the screening process for foreign pilots along with her experience in Human Resources and personal relationships at our customer airlines helps to ensure the success of Vector Pacific Member Pilots.

Danielle-150x150Danielle Ball 
– Marketing Specialist – San Francisco, USA

Danielle brings 25 years of publishing, marketing, and business operations management experience to Vector Pacific.  Working from the tech hub of North America, Danielle is involved in growth planning, web design, and sales for the Company.   Ms. Ball brings marketing experience supporting major projects for Universities as well Tech Companies working from Europe and North America.

image-225x300Tracy Li
– Business Operations Manager – Hong Kong

Tracy Li manages Vector-Pacific South China business operations in Hong Kong.  She has extensive administrative experience with numerous large Canadian firms.  Her expert knowledge of China and business experience in Hong Kong provide Vector Pacific members with assistance on everything required for work and life in China. Tracy studied BCIT Marketing Communications Management and is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.