Vector-Pacific maintains excellent relations with numerous major air carriers worldwide.  Presently, our efforts are concentrated on Chinese carriers and particular on rapidly expanding;

Tianjin Airlines, part of the HNA Airline group.

A320/E190 package

Minimum Requirements:

1) Age below 53

2) 500 hours PIC on type A318/319/320/321

3) Currency in type within 12 months

4) 3,000 total flight hours

5) ICAO ATPL and type rating without limitation

6) First Class Medical

7) Passport issued from country with diplomatic tie with China

8) ICAO Aviation English minimum level 4

9) No history of incidents and accidents

Term of Contract: 3 years


Remuneration Package:

Tianjin Airlines New Contract Options – Fall 2014

Choices of salary and corresponding holidays form

ITEM Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
Holidays 90 100 110 120 130 4+4 2+2 6+2 6+3
Annual service days 275 265 255 245 235 199 185 274 243
Monthly Salary A320 $19,480 $18,770 $18,000 $17,354 $16,645 $13,100 $13,100 $19,408 $17,213
E190 $18,333 $17,666 $17,000 $16,333 $15,666 $13,000 $13,000 $18,267 $16,200
Holidays explained Expatriate pilots cannot take more than 14 days of holidays during non-peak season months and cannot take more than 11 days of holidays during the peak season (the months of January, February, July and August). During the month of flight simulator training the Expatriate pilots cannot take more than 5 days of holidays. Each holiday should be at least 7 days before and after another Using the 15th days of each month as a dividing line, one month work and one month holiday Using the 15th and 16th days of each month as a dividing line, half a month work and half a month holiday Work every 42 days to earn 14 days of holiday Work every 42 days to earn 21 days of holiday
Only has 7 days of holiday during the simulator training month
All holiday entitlements can only be enjoyed when the Expatriate pilot begins to perform flight,no holiday entitlements for the Expatriate pilot upon reporting or until coming into the aircrew to perform flightPilots on the 2+2 vacation option do not have a permanent base.  When on their 2 week rotation, hotel accommodation will be provided by the airline. 
Sick leave Expatriate pilot is entitled to 5 days of sick leave in every contract year
Travel subsidy USD 8000 / contract year
Annual Bonus USD 12,000 for the 1st contract year,USD 18,000 for the 2nd contract yearUSD 23,000 for the 3rd contract year and each contract year afterwards
Standard hourly ratefor work overtime A320:210 USD / hour ; E190: 200 USD / hour
Tickets The Expatriate pilot and his/her family members (direct relatives) are entitled to tickets at a quarter discount for non-reserved seat on any Party A’s domestic and Party A-prescribed international flights