Member Services



The Vector-Pacific recruiting officer role is to find, meet, assess, and communicate with pilots about their opportunities to work overseas. Clients of Vector-Pacific should feel comfortable that a recruiter can assess and evaluate their professional aviation history.  The recruiter can also guide the pilot to undertake the concrete steps needed before job placement.

Job Placement:

The recruiters match pilots with overseas Carriers and inform applicants about contracts.  This may include advising on competitive offers or where legal advice is required.


Once a pilot receives and accepts an offer of employment overseas, certain conditions must be met.  The recruiter will work with the pilot to ensure that all the necessary documents and arrangements are made before the pilot travels to an overseas location.

The process of relocation may happen on one or more trips overseas.  The recruiter will assist the pilot to meet an overseas support worker, so the transition period to a new location can be as smooth as possible.  This is often a stressful time, and so the overseas support worker assistance is valuable.

The overseas support worker will provide settlement services.  These include connecting the pilot to the local government authorities, health services, housing and financial services.  The worker will also provide practical advice to the pilot on integrating into the community and working with the airline.  The Vector-Pacific “What to expect” manual provides more detail in this area.  Where a pilot has a high need for ongoing support worker beyond basic planning, additional service is available.

Profit Sharing:

Vector-Pacific is committed to ensuring our pilot members share in the continued success of our organization.  To that end, Vector Pacific Member Pilots receive profit sharing biannually which assists each member in the self-provision of overseas health insurance.